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It's been a lot of work to finalise our next album

Aktualisiert: 3. Aug.

We decided to make our next album "Sinner heart's soul food" an extra-ordinary piece of art. Starting by writing songs, rehearsing, keeping the recording performance tight and the recording as analog as possible using 16-track tape, mixing via analog console and effects to 1/4 inch stereo tape, and mastering again via analog console to AD-converter into DSD256 format. For the artwork Emanuel did linocuts of front and back sides, which he printed on white paper. These prints where then photographed and screen printed on lp cover blanks in red, blue, white and black, mixing the colours to fit the vinyl samples' colours.

These printed covers have been folded and glued into their final form by Emanuel, resulting in 200 pcs of fine art. Pre-order your copies at Konkord's bandcamp site.

Thank you SKE for supporting this production!

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