About Krooked Tooth

While exploring the abysses of the middle class' bad temper and paranoia, Krooked Tooth cook a steaming roots-stew afar from the trusted franchise kitchens. They serve you hot Freak Blues spiced with muddy Soul, Funk, Surf, Rock and lots of DIY spirit to warm your heart & feet.

Despite making a living from being a scientist, lab technician, DIY guitar and amp builder and repair man, playing in a band just feels essentially vital for Emanuel Preuschl. Since adolescence he has been working with bands from different styles as ska, reggae and hip hop, hardcore metal, avantgarde jazz and blues. The latter together with Andreas Dauböck on drums, who has been working with the famous Aktionstheater Ensemble, and who is a member of the fantastic Viennese bands Ash my love and Dun Field Three. Sebastian Müller plays the bass for Krooked Tooth and moves around the stage like a chafer in spring air. The brass section consists of composer, arranger and saxophone virtuoso Sandro Miori (Reform Art Unit) on saxophone and the magnificient Julian Preuschl (Praq) on trumpet, who add their super powers to the mix.

Andreas Dauböck

// drums


The pop-historic conscience of Krooked Tooth - works with Ash my Love, Aktionstheater Ensemble, Dun Field Three  

Emanuel Preuschl

// guitar, vocals


Songwriter and bandleader - worked with Trafo, Six-to-Six String Dezibel, Adrenochrom, Selected Headz

Sebastian Müller

// bass


The bouncing foundation

photos: copyright by Sergiy Borakovskyy, Sibel Sermet, Andreas Dauböck, Daniel Turba; artwork: copyright by Susi von Hasen, Emanuel Preuschl