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About Krooked Tooth

While exploring the abysses of the middle class' bad temper and paranoia, Krooked Tooth cook a steaming roots-stew afar from the trusted franchise kitchens. They serve you hot Freak Blues spiced with muddy Soul, Funk, Surf, Rock and lots of DIY spirit to warm your heart & feet.


Sebastian Müller

// bass


Emanuel Preuschl

// guitar, vocals

Martin Peham

// drums

Band members

Not too many rock guitarists play the electric in finger style, but quite a while ago Emanuel Preuschl decided to put away the pick. Inspired by blues, rock, Tom Waits and the rigours of life, he writes most of Krooked Tooth's lyrics and music. Usually, he uses only a few stomp boxes, DIY-guitars and amps to create his lightly to medium overdriven tone. He takes care of musical instruments in Vienna's "Theater in der Josefstadt" and repairs amplifiers, guitar electronics and effects in his workshop (

​Sebastian Müller developed his unique style of bass-playing by fuseing his love for skateboarding, style and one life long of listening to rock and roll. Btw, you think bass players don't move? - Watch this dude, and think again!

Creative musician, excellent teacher, joiner and simply one of the nicest people around, Martin Peham (Furby Lewinsky, Global Groove Lab, LARK) has sympathy for heavy grooves and uptempo songs which permeates his drumming style of accented rolls and short outbursts of polyrythmic patterns.

Any time that a gig is big enough Krooked Tooth loves to beef things up with its tiny but hot brass section consisting of Sandro Miori (Reform Art Unit) on saxophone and the Julian Preuschl (Praq, Okham's Blazer) on trumpet, who add their super powers to the mix.


Band Biography

The main reason to literally drop his violin for the electric guitar at the age of 12 were Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Scuttle Buttin'" and the sound of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Despite this, Emanuel Preuschl didn't learn to play the blues right away, as he started working with bands from different styles as ska, reggae and hip hop, hardcore metal and improvised music (e.g. TRAFO, an electric guitar quartet with Daniel Pabst, Chris Janka, Claudius Jelinek). But hearing the exceptional James Blood Ulmer in Vienna's Jazz club Porgy & Bess and then listening to his solo abum "Birthright" he realised where his initial motivation to learn the guitar came from. So around 2010, he started to listen to Howlin' Wolf  and tried to learn from the early delta and electric blues masters like Sam 'Lightning' Hopkins, 'Mississippi' John Hurt, Hubert Sumlin and Buddy Guy. Together with Sebastian Müller on bass and Tony Wagner (aka Tony Renaissance) on drums he started the band 'Boîte' in 2012, where he would sing and play guitar simultaneously for the first time. Later, the band changed their name to 'Krooked Tooth', as the only francophone member left the band and Tony's brother Florian Wagner became the drummer instead and they recorded "It's not my fault" in 2014. After some shows Florian left the band and the City of Vienna. So Andreas Dauböck took over the time keeping in 2016. The band's sound became more soul and funk influenced with Andreas' style of drumming which can be heard on the band's second album "Bad News", which was recorded in 2017. For the album release in 2018, they started to work occasionally with its brass section consisting of composer, arranger and saxophone virtuoso Sandro Miori (Reform Art Unit) and the magnificient Julian Preuschl (Praq) on trumpet. As Andreas left the band in early 2020, another drumming revolution happened: Martin Peham joined the band. Krooked Tooth released their third album 'Sinner heart's soul food' on September 23rd, 2023, which they have recorded in June 2022 on 16-track tape at the Janka Industries studio.
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